Mediacaster Magazine – Canada’s Content and Broadband Publication

Mediacaster Magazine reports on the dynamic developments and expanding opportunities for new products and service offerings in the Canadian digital media and telecommunications industries.

The editorial coverage reflects three major themes:

Content Creation/Acquisition - programming and creation strategies for original, purchased, and/or repurposed media assets

Production/Post-Production - techniques and technologies used to produce and package program content for existing, emerging and next-generation applications

Delivery/Distribution - new options for program media asset delivery, including mobile or portable media, IPTV, satellite, wireless, mobile phone, Internet streaming, cable television & bundled triple/quad play and more

Print issues regularly include:

Tools of the Trade (new products and technologies)
Bits & Bytes (people, places and players on the Canadian media scene)
Special Guest Columns
Feature Interviews and Reports
Production Profiles

Its digital presence includes:
Digital Edition Online
Daily Headline News Online

Topic Alerts and E-newsletters are available by request, with user selected topic headlines and story content based on the website and print editions.

Mediacaster Magazine’s Qualified Subscriber list includes Canadian Cable Specialty/Pay-TV and PPV Service Providers; Audio/Video, Web and Interactive Content Creators; Advertising Agencies; Wireless/Telephone Companies; Internet Service Providers; Satellite Providers; OEMs and Distributors/Dealers; Government agencies (federal and provincial); Industry Associations; Industry Consultants; and many more.