Mediacaster Magazine Buyers' Guide

Update your listing

You have two opportunities to put your company's information in front of your prospective clients' in our print edition Buyers' Guide that is published twice a year, and in our on-line edition where your company is profiled throughout the year. If you want the most up-to-date information to appear in our Summer print edition you must make sure your updates are completed before May 12th and for the Winter print edition updates must be completed before Nov 10th. Our on-line edition is continually updated so any changes you make will be reflected within days.

If you are new to our Buyers' Guide, you will be listed in the on-line version on the next data update and in the next edition of our print version.

Here's how:

  1. Choose the proper questionnaires below your company should appear under.
  2. Download the PDF file for the:
    PDF Document "Cable Systems"
    PDF Document "Hardware & Software"
    PDF Document "Associations & Consultants"
    PDF Document "Telephone Companies"
    PDF Document "Wireless Providers"
    PDF Document "Corporate Head Office"
  3. Fill out all your necessary information on the questionnaire.
  4. Select the optional "Paid Enhancements" you desire.
  5. Complete the form and FAX it (no cover sheet necessary) to 416-510-5178. If busy, 416-510-5129

Give your company listing more impact by selecting one of the PAID ENHANCEMENTS