January 23, 2013 - by Mediacaster

TOA Canada Introduces Infrared Wireless Classroom System

Helping children do better in school is one of the goals of TOA’s new Infrared Wireless Classroom System, which provides easy, interactive communication stimulating the students and improving their understanding of the spoken word.

Perfect for classrooms, the IR-820SP, a ceiling-mounted wide-dispersion speaker (with integrated receiver and amplifier), offers 10m x 10m (30ft x 30ft) coverage, transmitting teachers’ and students’ normal speaking voices throughout the room, with equal and superior sound quality. In addition to the speaker, the Infrared Classroom System includes the IR-802T an easily accessed desktop tuner and a pair of lightweight IR wireless microphones, either IR-200M (hand-held), IR-300M (hands-free), one each for the teacher and students.

The TOA PA system goes significantly beyond the capabilities of conventional systems that have uneven sound quality and longer installation times because of their four speakers and extra wiring. The TOA Infrared Wireless Classroom System on the other hand, requires only the wide-dispersion ceiling speaker, with built in amplifier and receiver, plus an IR wireless tuner all connected by one CAT-5 cable, reducing installation time and cost.

The ceiling-mounted powered speaker with the infrared receiver offers a wide frequency range of high-quality sound output. It features a digital amplifier for the amplification section, and a full-range speaker for the speaker section. Use of the supplied mounting hardware and optional HY-TB1 Tile Bar Bridge permits it to be mounted to match a wide range of applications and installation locations. The infrared microphone system eliminates problems with interference or eavesdropping, allowing simultaneous use in adjacent school classrooms.

The system is available in an Infrared Wireless Classroom System Kit. Each kit includes an infrared wireless speaker, infrared wireless tuner, infrared wireless microphone (hands free), battery charger, one pair of Ni-MH Battery, support rails for ceiling speaker (one pair), Wall-mount bracket for tuner, 50ft. Category 5 Ethernet Cable, 3ft. 3.5mm Stereo Cable and 3ft. 3.5mm Stereo Cable, 3ft. RCA Stereo Cable.

“Getting a good education and doing well in school are critical preparation for most types of success in life. I believe that TOA’s IR Wireless Classroom System will help boost the achievements of our nation’s children,” said Rico Lucia, national sales manager for TOA Canada. “Plus, the new system is quick and easy to install, a big benefit for both installers and schools.”


TOA Canada Corporation was formed in 1990 as a complete sound solutions provider, with products ranging from digital amplifiers and speakers, to mixers, wireless microphone systems and digital processors used in sound reinforcement, to integrated IP intercom. Parent company, TOA Corporation was founded in Kobe, Japan in 1934 and has grown to become one of the leading professional and commercial sound and security product manufacturers in the world.


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