February 12, 2013 - by Mediacaster

New File-Based Media QC Solution from VidCheck

VidChecker is the second generation of automated products for Quality Control of file-based media. It is easy to install and use, and does thorough checks of video and audio parameters (codecs, frame rates, etc.), checks the video and audio quality and also intelligently corrects video Luma, Chroma and RGB component, and Audio Peak and Audio Loudness levels to ATSC/CALM and EBU requirements.


VidChecker is an easy to install Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Server 2003/Server 2008 software application for PCs/servers. The GUI is accessed through a web browser either on the local machine or remotely over a network. It is optimised for checking file-based video before and after distribution, and for use by broadcasters for checking files received from post production and content distributors to ensure that file, video and audio parameters and levels are correct and ready for broadcast.


VidChecker removes the labour intensive tasks of checking conformance by eye and hand, and checking video/audio compliance with waveform monitors and audio loudness meters, and manually correcting levels with video processing amplifiers, and other tools.


Key features of VidChecker include:

  • Does thorough checks of file, video and audio parameters as well as video and audio quality, legality and correctness
  • Not only checks video and audio, but also intelligently corrects out of spec video levels and audio levels including loudness
  • Each license processes 4 files simultaneously and is optimised to make use of recent multi-core and multi-thread CPUs to maximise processing speed
  • Three levels of checking - warning only, fail on error and correct on error
  • Media player to play the video at alert points by clicking on the alert thumbnails
  • Easy workflow support - use multiple watch-folders (dropboxes) with filtering, automatically send reports, move files on pass / fail / correction
  • API web services for full integration with production and broadcast workflows and media asset management systems



VidCheck is provided in Canada by DAV Solutions in Mississauga, ON.




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